The Internet You Need — Built by Your Community 

in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

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Fast, affordable, reliable internet is a necessity of modern life — a necessity that many Northeast Kingdom residents have never had. NEK Broadband is changing that.

NEK Broadband is a not-for-profit Communications Union District with a governing board made up of town reps. Our mission is to deliver fast, reliable internet to every address that has electrical service in northeastern Vermont. This will help all of us build sustainable, long-term economic solutions that maximize options for everyone in our community. To do this, we listen to you and your town’s rep to inform how we operate. This is one of the reasons hiring local staff to help build our network infrastructure is so important.

Of course, building this complex network takes lots of money, time, and expertise. We’ve launched our construction plan…and are busy stringing miles of fiber optic cable and placing dozens of equipment cabinets — the hubs of the network that connect it all together…so we can deliver to you!

We share your sense of urgency and frustration that there isn’t a quick fix. But we’ve made significant progress, and we're committed to building a long-term, lasting solution for our entire area. In fact, we may already be available in your town. If we're not, we soon will be! 

Thank you for registering! Numbers of registrations in your town is a factor in construction priorities.

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Our Mission

The NEK Community Broadband Communications Union District (NEK Broadband) is a community-driven organization working to ensure equitable and affordable access to high-speed internet across our region as a vehicle for ensuring the economic and social prosperity of the entire Northeast Kingdom of Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans Counties, and Wolcott in Lamoille County. To achieve this, we support the development and maintenance of a network that serves our communities now and proactively evolves to anticipate and meet future needs, while balancing affordability, sustainability, and fiscal responsibility.

Unanimously Amended & Affirmed by NEK Broadband Governing Board, November 11, 2021