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in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

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Hover your mouse over the map below to see where we are already offering service and where we are planning to build soon. Below the map is a Legend that explains the various colored areas.  To move the map in and out, use the + and - buttons in the top left corner of the map. To move the map around, (instead of in and out) click and hold down with your mouse. 

Our mission is to make sure everyone in Caledonia, Essex and Orleans Counties (as well as Wolcott in Lamoille County) has access to high-speed internet from at least one provider.

Fiber internet is available!
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Green Zone
Fiber Construction is currently underway!
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Blue Zone
VCBB Grant Funded!
Fiber engineering, permitting, and design are underway
 Purple Zone
USDA Reconnect grant funded!
Federal environmental permitting is underway
Olive Zone
USDA community connect grant application In Process.

Pink Zone
Future Fiber build area - check back for updates!
planning and seeking funding
Gray Zone